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What is TVMedia?

TVMedia is a full featured multimedia library, designed to give you easy control over audio and video playback within your applications. Written entirely in C++, TVMedia is accessible from C++, Visual Basic, VB.Net, C#, Delphi, and many other languages, allowing you to leverage your existing experience, without having to learn an entirely new language on top of learning a new API.

TVMedia is currently in development and is scheduled to be released to customers and beta users in the near future.

Features List

TVMedia is feature-packed, yet easy to use. Our simple API design makes getting started quick and painless.

Audio Features

  • Hardware acceleration support
  • 3D positional audio
  • Multiple audio effects, including distortion, echo, reverb and more

Video Features

  • Hardware acceleration support
  • Playback of any video format, providing the codec is available
  • Video playback to a TV3D texture is supported for rendering videos in TV3D Scenes