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TV3D Engine Overview

The TV3D SDK is a complete 3D middleware solution for programmers looking to create anything from next generation games to complex simulations. By using our complete API and your favorite development language, you can write less code, and get more done in a shorter amount of time.

The entire TV3D SDK has been built from the ground up to give the programmer total control over every aspect of their 3D world. Complete control is maintained through a very easy to learn system of objects, each with a very specific set of functions. This easy to learn system still gives you all the power of programming with DirectX, without having to learn a complex API.

Our multi-language technology is an industry first, giving you the ability to program using the language you are most comfortable with. All languages have a complete API, using our eventless programming model, so you do not have to sacrifice features because of the language you are using!

3D Engine Features

Optimized rendering pipeline
Managed per-pixel/vertex lighting system
Managed shadowing engine
Complex particle system with editor
Internal shader effects with HLSL shader semantics
Animation blending and morphing
Configurable LOD (Level of Detail)

Additional Features

Built-in complex landscape system
Integrated simulation-level physics engine
Multiple 3D modelling plugins
3D model preprocessing tools included
Support for GPGPU (General Processing on GPU)
Numerous integrated shader effects

True Multi-language Support

Visual Basic 6
Visual Basic.NET
3D Middleware Screenshot
3D Middleware Screenshot
3D Middleware Screenshot
3D Middleware Screenshot
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