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Author Topic: Licensing FAQ for 6.5  (Read 10652 times)
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« on: September 16, 2007, 02:23:34 PM »

As we're still getting lot of questions about it, I'm putting back some posts that contained some information about the new licensing system of 6.5 :

Some important facts :

0. Licensing didn't change at all between 6.2/6.3 and 6.5. We just replaced License Keys by License Files which are more secure. But nothing changed with the watermark, it was always present in the free version and you can remove it when you have a commercial license. Nobody complained before about that...

1. When you just bought the engine, you must register your license on the site. To do this, you must click on "Add License" in the Member page once you are logged in the site. Then you can enter the information that you got from the license email. If everything goes well, your license should be now visible in "My License" part of the Member page.

2. When you have a registered license, you can generate several "developer license files" for your machines , which unlock any TV3D application that you will run on the machines. It takes less than 1 min to do so and you have to do it once. So you can develop your projects and use tools without being annoyed by the watermark.

3. To release things to some people :
  a. You are releasing source code. No problem anymore, you don't even have to remove keys from your code since there are no more keys ( this key system was really annoying for code sharing ). You don't have to do anything about license.
  b. You are distributing executables.
      i) To your other programmers on your team : just send the executable without running the license signer. They have developer keys on their machine too, so they won't be annoyed by the watermark.
     ii) To the public (for beta testing or final release) : you must generate the license file that goes with your .exe with the license signer, and distribute the generated license file with your .exe so that people that runs your executable won't see the watermark. The .lic is linked to the .exe so it's important to regenerate it when the program was updated. There is no raw limit to the number of license file creation, just a daily limit so that the same license account can not used for lots of people. You can also "sign" several .exe files even with a Single Commercial license (for example game.exe, editor.exe, tool.exe) . Your .exe files are not changed at all, they are just used to generate the License file.

4. The LicenseSign application needs to connect to Internet. Make sure you are on a connected machine to create license files. There are multiple mirrors in separate countries so the chance that you can't use LicenseSign is very very low. Licensed applications don't need to connect to the Internet.

5. In the very unlikely case that the company must close, there are plans to deliver the source code to the customers, so no problem about not being able to sign your project.

6. A static C++ library (for Microsoft compilers) that doesn't have to be signed is planned for customers only. It will be available on demand.

How do I sign my executable to release it to the public ?

Several steps to do so :
 . Add the SetLicenseFile call in your code before initializing the engine. Be careful about the path and filename of the license file that you set here.
 . Compile your .exe
 . Postprocess your .exe with whatever you need (obfruscator, protection scheme, dll/file  packers
 . Run the LicenseSign program (that you can find on Member section of the site)
 . Enter your license information, and select the executable.
 . You can then generate the license file, don't forget that you need to be connected to the Internet for this.
 . Copy the license file that has been generated in the exact place pointed by your SetLicenseFile call.
 . Test your executable to see if all worked (if you have a developer license file, try to rename it/move it to see if the executable is working outside of the developer mode).
 . Don't forget to distribute the license file with your application.

Do I need to call SetLicenseFile to use a developer license ?

No you don't have to call SetLicenseFile. The engine will detect automatically the files in the My Documents or Local App Data folders. However if you use a developer license, you can still keep the SetLicenseFile call in the code because the engine will skip it, and not crash. SetLicenseKey is ONLY for standard license files, not developer ones.

Why do I get weird crashes at engine initialization without any reason ?

- Maybe you have a SetLicenseFile call in the code, and the license file is outdated. Try to resign your application to get another License Key. If you don't want to sign the application each time, just generate a developer license file for this machine.
- You changed your hardware , harddisks, drivers or network system and your developer license file became invalid. Try to regenerate a new developer license.

I can't register my license on the website. What do I do ?

Please check the KB here :

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