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The TV3D Community is a place for information exchange, discussion and debate. We have created the following set of Community Rules and Guidelines to foster an environment of shared values, mutual respect and trust.

These apply to user contributions to the discussion forum, articles and documents uploaded to the site and comments added to existing articles published within the site. Truevision3D reserves the right to remove any postings which do not adhere to these guidelines, or take further action if required. (see below)

You are responsible for any content you post. Where it relates to an existing discussion topic or article, ensure that it is relevant and will prove useful to other members taking part.

Keep the content of discussions on the topic of TV3D and related issues.

You are responsible for copyright infringement in your messages. Please do not post copyrighted material in your messages unless you yourself hold the copyright or have received permission from the author.

Please be polite and respectful towards other members of the community, and remember that others may not always share your point of view. Disruptive, offensive or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated. This is a sensitive area and the TV3D Team and/or Community Advisors reserve the right to take action if requested by a community member: remember: your debating style may seem 'excitable' to you but intimidating to others. Any such postings will be removed.

Please do not use TV3D Community for self-promotion. This can take the form of advertisements for your professional services, products etc. or repeated promotion of other websites/blogs/networks etc. We welcome collaboration with other networks but not a series of links to them without direct relevance to the discussion (e.g. repeated linking from comments).

Please remember that many members are not native English speakers; keep you language simple and clear for this sake.

In the unfortunate event of any member abusing the community in any of the ways above, the TV3D Team and/or Community Advisors reserve the right to remove or edit postings. The author (of the article to which the comments are made) and commenter will be notified by the editor or community advisor. If members continue to behave in an unsuitable manner, they are liable to being barred from the community for two weeks or longer.

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