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Title: New Release (October 31st 2009)
Post by: SylvainTV on October 31, 2009, 04:15:35 PM
Hello !

New TV3D setups have been uploaded to the webserver.
You can get them from the downloads page.

New features/change log

Licensing :
  - Warning : We changed the way the developer license works, it's likely all programs will crash until you regenerate the dev license with the newest license generator (the new version will be available on the member page later today, sorry for the inconveniance)
  - Most hardware-based licensing problems should be fixed after license regeneration.

Setup :
  - TV3Demo was removed temporarily from setup, a brand new version will be available soon
  - Fixed D3DX DLL installation.

Engine :
  - Each viewport now uses the multisample level : the antialiasing works on all viewports
  - The engine is now built with Aug2009 DirectX SDK. It means that it uses the D3DX9_42.dll and D3DCompiler_42.dll now. Your application won't start or compile shaders if one of these dlls are not present on your system.

Landscape :
  - Added holes support ( does not work with LOD however ), you can make some triangles disappear !
  - Works by creating specialized index buffer for chunks with holes
  - See SetTerrainHoleArray, SetTerrainHoleList, SetTerrainHole, EnableTerrainHoles functions
  - You can preserve collision with the holes (or not)
  - Can be saved via SaveTerrainData and loaded via LoadTerrainData

Particle systems :
  - Added several new emitter parameters especially to control minimesh emitter and randomize parameters
  - See SetEmitterPower & SetBillboard
  - Added SetMiniMeshRotationScale to control minimesh emitters
  - Added
SetEmitterSpawnInterpolation to control the spawn of particles during one frame. False : emit everything at the emitter position. True : interpolate emitter position between 2 frames resulting in smoother particle spawning. T
  - Added GetEmitterPower
  - Fixed minimesh particle emitters.

Minimesh :
  - Fixed crash issue with SetMatrix
  - Optimized SetGlobalPosition

  - Fixed scale problem when using SetMatrix (resulted in wrong rotation matrix)
  - Added a OrientActor parameter to Actor, Mesh and camera  SetPath functions. This allows to only update position based on the Path but not change the orientation of the mesh.

  - Line or Point TVMeshs are now correctly saved/loaded to TVM.
  - Fixed some issues with Point Sprite TVMeshs default

  - Fixed WeldVertices and added parameters to it.
  - Fixed a problem with not increased texture references when duplicating an actor

Shader manager
  - Now can compile text shaders from package/memory stream.

Package system
  - Delete is now working
  - Deleting a file just flags it deleted, remove it from file list but it stays stored on the disk.
  - If you want to restore the space of deleted files, you must use CompactPackage.
  - Added CompactPackage : this recreates the package totally and replace the old one. Make sure that the package file and the folder is writeable and not protected. Warning : this step can be slow for big pacakges.
  - Fixed random direction problem for particle spawns.

  - Rewrote text rendering which can result in a 400% speed increase in best cases
  - Works also for 3D billboard text
  - fixed a problem with international 3D billboard text.
  - Fixed a memory leak with TVMesh.Create3DTExt

Physics :
  - Updated to Newton 2.07

  - Multithreaded & Multicore Physics
  - Physics simulation will normally be much faster now !
  - Added SetMaxEventCount, SetMultiThreadSolvePerIsland, SetThreadCount, InvalideCache new functions.
  - Lots of bugs fixed on the Newton side.

Warning :
  - Since the change to Newton 2.0, Vehicle interface of TVPhysics WILL NOT WORK in this version. Make sure you don't rely on vehicle system before using this version. Vehicle system will be resumed when a Newton 2.0 version with vehicle support arrives.

  - Everything should work as before else. If not, please tell us.

Plugins :
  - New Max plugin for Max 2010.

Misc :
  - Fixed some .NET wrapper issues.

If you see outstanding issues, please tell us !

Title: Re: New Release (October 31st 2009)
Post by: darqSHADOW on October 31, 2009, 09:52:08 PM
The new LicenseSign application is now available for download on the members page.  Sorry for the delay, enjoy!


Title: Re: New Release (October 31st 2009)
Post by: SylvainTV on November 02, 2009, 07:56:38 AM
A quick-fix has been made to the setups. You might want to redownload it if you downloaded it the first day.

Fixes :
 - The setup correctly installs D3DCompiler dll now.
 - Better handling on missing compiler dlls in the engine when compiling shaders (written in debug file)
 - Fixed a memory leak ( 2 DX objects not released )
 - Fixed a problem with minimesh culling mode
 - Fixed TIME semantic so that it is constant in the same frame.
 - License sign machine dll is now the good one !

Have fun

Title: Re: New Release (October 31st 2009)
Post by: SylvainTV on November 04, 2009, 07:06:41 AM
We plan to make another quick-fix release in some days considering that several high critical issues have been found :

- Newton simulation with several threads causing sometimes crashs and deadlocks, and physics collider can't be rotated/translated correctly
- Package not always working and producing weird outputs.

Title: Re: New Release (October 31st 2009)
Post by: SylvainTV on November 16, 2009, 07:31:52 PM

The quickfix took a little more time than planned, but here it is !

- Newton issues fixed (with multithreading, events and colliders)
- Package issues

Let us know if you find more problems !