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Title: TV3D 6.5 Open Prerelease
Post by: darqSHADOW on September 02, 2007, 08:31:34 PM
Today the Truevision3D Team is happy to announce the initial open prerelease of TV3D 6.5.  This release contains the tools, plugins, and SDKs you will need to get started developing today, and existing customers can begin releasing their products using TV3D 6.5.  TV3D 6.5 is our next generation SDK, with full shader support, integrated physics, a full content pipeline, and the all new TV3Demo.  TV3Demo allows you to quickly prototype demo scenes, and makes it easy to share them with others.

If you have any issues please post in the Community Forums.  If possible a TV3Demo Scene that replicates the problem will help narrow down the issue.

Now that we have the open prerelease out, we will be spending some time polishing the documentation.  I will be releasing the initial sets in the coming weeks, as well as updating TVDN.

We have also moved the old beta forum into the open as the 6.5 Prerelease forum.  This forum contains a lot of information on how to use TV3D 6.5 until the documentation is complete.  Please check this forum for answers to your questions.

In the coming weeks I will also be talking with community members who are interested in playing a more active role as a Community Advisor.  As the forums get larger we would like some help in moderation and maintaining the rules on the boards -- if you are interested please PM me.

Now, get downloading, let us know of any issues, and have fun!


EDIT : Current setups contains some DLLs that shouldn't be there and the installation can fail because of that. We're working on a fix, new setups should be available later today, Sorry for the inconvenience !

Title: Re: TV3D 6.5 Open Prerelease
Post by: darqSHADOW on September 03, 2007, 04:11:53 PM
An updated version of the setup files was just uploaded and sent to all mirrors.  This version no longer checks for .Net installation -- but it is still a required install, tools will not run without it so please make sure you have this installed.  This install will also launch the DX installer to install the latest DX DLL's, and it takes a different method when registering the DLL's -- please let us know if you have any issues with DLL's not registering properly.

We will work on elimination of the msgbox's in a future release, we wanted to get this update out there today for those people having problems.  This release did increase in size, because of the DX DLL's, however it ensures that users will be able to run TV3D 6.5 properly.  In the future we will only include the DX Redist within the TV3Demo and Full releases.

TV3Demo has some issues when running certain scenes over and over -- we are working on resolving this problem as well.