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Title: New Site Release
Post by: darqSHADOW on August 04, 2007, 04:35:34 PM
Tonight, August 4th, at 8pm EST I will be bringing down the Truevision3D website for the scheduled release of the new website.  This changeover will take several hours as I need to import the database into the new format, as well as convert quite a bit of directory locations to ensure all portions of the site work as expected.  In the event of a severe problem I will rollback, but I hope to have the new site online tonight by Midnight EST.


Title: Re: New Site Release
Post by: darqSHADOW on August 04, 2007, 09:56:02 PM
The new website is now live!

There are many new features available, including a new resource section that is both a file and link database for TV3D and game development related items.  We have migrated over to SMF for our forum software, as phpBB was becoming very problematic with the old website code.  SMF offers more features with less "core hacking" -- making updates much easier on us.

Please be aware that existing customers will need to readd their license to their account.  This is available on the members page and will tie your account to all of the new features.  If you need to lookup your license you can do so on the Plimus page, or email/pm me directly and I will look it up for you.  Sorry about the inconvenience.

There might still be small problems on the site and if you find anything please email or PM me directly and I will address it asap.  I am also open to discussion on how we can make the site even better, what features you'd like to see, and what you'd like changed.  We will be releasing new forum color schemes in the near future so that you can choose what works best for you -- but I'd like to make sure we are happy with this scheme first.  (As it will be the base for future color scheme CSS pages.)  Post any suggestions in the off-topic section and let the community discuss!

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the new site -- there is much more coming soon!