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Title: eSupport Down
Post by: darqSHADOW on July 31, 2007, 09:28:12 AM
I am taking down the eSupport system today, as the excess spam is causing database problems and binding up the server.  (The random DB resets are caused by over 30 million records in a single table on our DB.)

I will bring the service back online once we migrate the eSupport into using our spam blocker.  Until then please send support requests directly to me -- and I will route them accordingly.

The webserver will also be rebooted today as we are downgrading our PHP so that we can get our APC (Caching) support back on the server.  This should be taken care of within a few hours.


Title: Re: eSupport Down
Post by: darqSHADOW on August 26, 2007, 02:01:46 PM
eSupport is still down.  If you are having license issues with the new site, please PM me directly and I will handle it right away.  For other support requests you can use PM, Email, or IRC to get in touch with a TV3D team member.


Title: Re: eSupport is back online
Post by: darqSHADOW on September 16, 2007, 05:03:59 PM
The eSupport system is back online now.  There may be some issues while we work through the upgrade of both the templates and the codebase.  (For instance the title is missing on the pages.)  We are working through these as we find them.

When you submit a ticket you will receive a confirmation email -- if you do not receive an email that means your ticket was not accepted due to the spam filter or using the wrong email address.  You have to use the email you registered with on the forum in order for the system to accept your ticket.  If you submit via the website you will not have to worry about the spam filter, but it will still ensure you are using a valid email address.

Please let us know if you find any problems, either via direct email to me or via PM.