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Author Topic: TV3D Articles  (Read 9380 times)
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« on: February 24, 2006, 11:25:49 PM »

Within the past month two new articles have been posted on the net on using TV3D 6.2 and C#.  These articles were both posted on popular websites, resulting in a mass influx of users to our website, much like the dreaded Slashdot Effect.  Our server dropped a few times, but handled the load surprisingly well even when the number of downloads increased 7 times over the normal rate!

EZOS, being the great host they have been, kept an eye on the server and made sure everything stayed online during the hardest hit 5 days when we were getting hundreds of hits a second for hours on end.

The following article by Fatima Ahmed, Microsoft's MVP for DirectX in Pakistan, was posted on the homepage for multiple days, resulting in the hardest days for the server.

Earlier this week another article appeared, based on the original article.

EZOS and I have been hard at work preparing for the 6.5 Open Beta.  With them and the help of Anti-Gremlin we have setup a file mirroring system for all of the TV3D official files.  This will help in the future for traffic spikes such as this, to keep the load off from the primary webserver and give users the ability to download files from one of 8 locations around the globe.

Order1.Net and I have also been working together to create a new shopping cart system for the TV3D website.  This will allow us to start offering more items for sale in our online store, including Email and Telephone Support Contracts, Softcover Manuals, Model/Texture Packs, and more -- all with a single secure checkout process.

We are progressing closer and closer to Open Beta with 6.5 -- just be patient.  We do not want to release a product to the masses while it still contains bugs, nor do we want to release anything prior to having the new website ready to handle the influx of new users and the requirements of running an open beta program.  Rest assured we are coming closer to giving a final date, at which point we will make a formal announcement.  Until then please believe us when we say we are working as fast as possible, making sure the entire tool chain is working, plus the engine is as solid as possible prior to release.


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