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Author Topic: TV3D 6.5 Progress  (Read 15338 times)
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« on: March 18, 2007, 05:36:21 PM »

Today we released what we hope is the final private release of TV3D 6.5 to our customers and beta users.  This is a rather large release, and has been months in the making, but in that time we were able to incorporate some very complex new features, as well as fix quite a number of hard to track bugs.  (In the end the bugs are always harder to track, of course...)

Some of the recent improvements include:

New texture modification functions allowing access to floating point values, which was a supporting feature to allow us to add in fast GPGPU!  (General processing on the GPU)  Visit for more information on this exciting techology.

Added initial support for hardware occlusion queries.  This allows you to use the GPU to determine if an object is visible or not, thus speeding your rendering.  Currently only the manual functions exist, but a more automated system will be built on top of this framework in the coming weeks.

Added the ability to use custom shaders on minimeshes.  This allows even more complex visual effects using these emitters.

All tools are also going thru a complete overhaul now, with UI elements being cleaned up, and final polish being put in place.  This includes making sure that artists have a complete pipeline, from their inital modelling all the way thru to pre-processing for in game use.

Things are moving along nicely, and we're very close to an open release of 6.5!


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