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Author Topic: GDRL Launched  (Read 9050 times)
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« on: December 20, 2004, 02:23:00 AM »

Truevision3D is happy to announce that our new resource library is now available at!  The site is not a TV3D specific resource site, but is geared more towards game development and the game industry in general.  We know everyone has a collection of gems in their bookmarks, and you do not have to register to submit new links, so start submitting!  With the help of our community, we know we can grow the library into a great resource for everyone.

I hope to start posting the first of many articles in the coming weeks, as well.  Puppy has organized multiple modelling tutorials that will be exclusive content on GDNet.  If you would like to submit articles to the GDRL, contact me and I will get you all setup.

We are also looking for moderators to help moderate each major category.  They will be responsible for making sure all submitted links have good titles and descriptions, and are located in the proper location.  If you are interested in helping moderate what we hope to become a large resource for the entire game development community, email me, and we can discuss it.

We should also be launching our spider within the next few weeks, which will crawl the web searching for game development related websites and resources.  The sites that it matches, will be displayed in addition to the submitted links, to help find resource gems hidden on the net.

I'll be adding links over the next few weeks myself, as I go through my own collection of links, and bookmarks.  Until then, if everyone submits a few quality links, the collection will grow rapidly.  Please report any bugs you find to myself, as we'll be announcing this to the general public shortly.


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