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Author Topic: Updates and Schedule  (Read 4472 times)
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« on: March 08, 2009, 06:14:10 PM »

I will be out of town next week from March 9th to the 13th.  I will be in New Orleans at a Microsoft conference and with the full schedule I will have little time to check in.  I will be watching email and will be in contact with Sylvain all week in case something comes up.

I've been hard at work the past 2 weeks on multiple projects. 

I have been testing multiple revamps of the machine fingerprinting system we are using in the license generation.  Once a suitable replacement has been found, we will be releasing a fix for this.  Due to the fact that this will affect everyone we want to ensure this is as solid as possible.  We've already made adjustments in the past, and we want to be sure this solves the problem for 100% of our customers, and not leave anyone out.

I have also been working with the designers at my office on a totally new site design for the Truevision3D website.  This redesign reduces the clutter and should be much easier on the eyes while in the forums.  I am also making sure that any broken features are fixed and brought back into line with the direction we are taking now (such as serving content via the CDN). 

Some of the highlights of the new site include:

- Product roadmap detailing where we're headed in the coming months
- TV3D 6.5 Documentation with active Community Discussions
- Reformatted and designed Wiki
- New email/web-based support system with linked BugTracker
- New Community Resources section

If you have ideas or suggestions for the new site, feel free to post a forum topic or send me a private message.  Thanks all, and see you in a week!


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