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Author Topic: Silly question about multitextured meshes  (Read 2468 times)
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« on: February 25, 2009, 11:02:05 AM »

Hi everyone (long time not see).

I'm restarting the programming on my project (Pentacles' Mayhem) and I have lots of stupid useless question as everytime.

So for now, I'm playing with the texturizer and meshes and if I've well understood the system there is 2 ways to load a textured mesh:

1) Load the mesh that contains references to textures. Textures are somehow autoloaded, but no transparencies or so are available.

2) Load the mesh without references to textures, then apply textures seperately (it's what I've seen in every starting demo for now).

But here is the problem, how can we load multitextured meshes done after merging several meshes together by using the 2nd method? Any idea?
Is it possible to load such meshes? or it's better to have a unique bigger texture with everything needed on it?

And by the way, what is the max recommanded texture size we can use without problem for a mesh with a unique texture? and what method is better? 1 or 2 ?
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