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The TV3D community contains the best resources for 3D development using the TV3D SDK. The community is seperated into two sections, official community resources and external, community supported, resources. The official community resources are indicated by the green theme on our website, and contain years of archived information pertaining to 3D development with TV3D, as well as general game development resources and information. The external resources are all websites that are not hosted on the TV3D webservers, and are maintained by various members of the TV3D community. These websites may not always reflect the views of Truevision3D.

Official Community Resources

Community members agree to follow the Community Rules and Guidelines.

The community forums are a way for developers using TV3D to ask questions of the community, or search the years of already answered questions.
The Truevision Developers Network (TVDN) is a direct link to the full documentation for the TV3D SDK, including examples and a full class reference.

The official TV3D SDK Wiki includes user edited content including basic and advanced tutorials about the TV3D SDK.
The Bugtracker is a resource for the community to report confirmed bugs directly to the TV3D Development Team.

The Resource Library includes various resources submitted by members of our community, including demos and sample source code.
Our Articles section contains highly rated articles by the development staff and community users about getting the most out of the TV3D SDK.

Screenshot and video gallery of various community related projects and released products using the TV3D SDK.
The IRC network of Truevision3D, hosted by Voidzero, with both official and community run chatrooms.