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Welcome to Truevision3D, providers of top quality 3D middleware for 3D application and game development. We are committed to providing low-cost, high-power products that allow you to integrate 3D content into your new or existing applications with ease. Whether you are looking for a 3D Engine, Sound and Video Media Engine, or Networking Engine, our SDK's have you covered.

Power meets Simplicity

You should not have to sacrifice power for ease of use. We believe that you can have an easy to use interface without losing the ability to create powerful applications and stunning visual displays. We have given our users the flexibility to develop how they want, and the power to give them a competitive edge.

Multi-language API's

Since TV3D supports many languages, including VB6, VB.Net, C#, Delphi, C++, APL, and BlitzMax, you can use the language your developers already know. Learning a new API should be easy, so why complicate it with learning a new language as well? You get the benefits of a highly optimized, pure C++ core, and the ease of programming in a language you are familiar with.
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